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Many people often think that in order to be sexy on the beach, a skimpy bikini has to be worn. Although two-piece swimsuits, commonly referred to as bikinis are sexy, one-piece swimsuits can be just as sexy. The one-piece has come a long way from the traditional, old -style attached skirt design. They have transformed into a multitude of sexy, figure flattering and unique styles.

A Halter Style for Drama

Flattering Swimsuits

A halter style one-piece swimsuit adds a dramatic difference to the way the swimwear looks. Halter styles are known for being very supportive, making it a great pick for a larger chested woman because it lifts up, gathers and holds larger busts toward the center of the body rather than to the side.

A person Portion Bathing suits – Warm Models

Smaller chested women can also benefit from the halter style swimsuit for the same reason as larger chested woman, thus making breasts look fuller. The reason halter swimwear works well with all chest sizes is that the straps tie around the back of the neck rather than the middle section of the back. In fact, halter designs will be flattering on just about any body type; the only exception is the pear shaped body.

Sexy Cut Outs

Sexy cut out one-piece bathing suits might just be one of the hottest one piece swimwear selections offered on the market today. The cut out style has taken the one piece market to another level. Although many cut outs are on the side, leaving both sides exposed, there are multiple areas where cut outs occur which include the middle and back side of the swimwear piece.

Cut out one piece swimwear designs are extra sexy because they have that “teaser” element to them. The cut outs on a swimsuit are strategically placed on all the alluring parts of a woman’s body; the hips, stomach, lower back and bust area.

Plunging Neckline and High Cut

This is not the one-piece your granny wears! These designs are daring and very flirtatious making them ultra- sexy and eye-catching. The great thing about these designs is that it gives a woman an opportunity to show off her best assets. For some women it is their breasts while for others it is their legs.

Plunging one-piece bathing suit necklines also include those that use buttons, ties and zippers. These elements add that extra special touch to the traditional swimwear piece. High cut bottoms include the even famous Brazilian cut which looks undeniably sexy.

So before downing the one-piece swimsuit, take a look at what is out there. There are many swimwear designs and cuts for any person and any body type.

A person Portion Bathing suits – Warm Models

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