Remo Kid’s Gathering Drum – Large

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Remo Kid’s Gathering Drum – Large Description

The booming beat of a big bass drum is an irresistible draw for kids of all ages. This superbly made drum would be a wonderful way to call children to attention in a group setting. The top surface is made of a sturdy tan plastic material molded to look like leather, and the cylinder of the drum is made of thick pressed board with a vibrant jungle-print design in jewel-bright colors. The drum sits up slightly on molded black plastic feet to increase its deep, resonant sound. Included…

The Remo Kids Gathering Drum can be played with the hands, sticks or mallets. Kids enjoy playing this big drum solo style but have the most fun when other kids (big kids too) join in the fun, inventing cool rhythm patterns all on their own. The following sizes are sold separately:KD-5822-01 7.5″ x 22″ Kids Percussion, Gathering Drum, 22″ Diameter, 8″ HeightKD-5816-01 8″ x 16″ Kids Percussion, Gathering Drum, 16″ Diameter, 8″ HeightKD-5818-01 8″ x 18″ Kids Percussion, Gathe…

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Remo Kid

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